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    Lorne Ladner Compiler - The Wheel of Great Compassion: Practice of the Prayer Wheel

    Wheel of Great Compassion equips Western readers with everything necessary to understand this unique and powerful practice, including:

    • The history of prayer wheel practice and its ancient lineage
    • The symbolism of the prayer wheel and its role in Tibetan rituals
    • An explanation of the myriad benefits of prayer wheel practice
    • The proper method for constructing and filling a prayer wheel
    • A detailed description of the visualization practices and mantras used when turning the wheel.

    Extract from Foreword:
    I heard about the benefits of this practice from Geshe Lama Konchog, who spent his life in Milarepa's caves and in hermitages doing many years of retreat, practicing guru devotion and the Three Principles of the Path, and doing two thousand Nyung-nays (retreats on the Compassion Buddha involving fasting and prostrations). He inspired me about the prayer wheel, explaining that the practice of the prayer wheel has unbelievable benefits.

    So, I waited for many years to find texts and asked a few lamas about this. Finally, Geshe Lama Konchog told me that another lama named Kechok Rinpoche had one short text that suriunarized the benefits. As Kechok Rinpoche was living in Australia, I kept it in my mind very strongly that as soon as I got to Australia I would immediately call him and get the text. So, I did that. Normally I am very lazy about reading Dharma texts, but this one I read immediately. The benefits described were a big surprise and caused much faith to arise. So, I put the text on my crown and then prayed to spread this teaching everywhere, in all directions. I made this commitment in the presence of the Compassion Buddha. After that, I built prayer wheels in the East and West, small and big ones, as well as hand-held.
        ~ Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche

    Extract from "Practice: Seeing with Eyes of Compassion":
    In general, the emphasis in Buddhism is quite clearly on inner training, on transforming one's mind. His Holiness the Dalai Lama has said that whether an action becomes a practice of Buddhism, of Dharma, is primarily dependent on the motivation and understanding of the person doing the action. Actions motivated by attachment, aversion, or ignorance, regardless of any external appearances, are simply not Buddhist practices. And actions done out of a sense of compassionate altruism, with a correct understanding of the nature of things, may properly be labeled Dharma practices, regardless of how they appear. . .

    During a conversation about the prayer wheel with Lama Perna Wangdak, a Tibetan lama who lives and teaches in New York, he mentioned that "turning the wheel of prayer" was "similar to circumambulating a stupa." He went on to explain that "anything you do with a symbol of the body, speech, and mind of Buddha has a lasting impact on your soul or mind."

    Uploader's Comment:
    As a follower of Tibetan Buddhism, I attended teachings by HH Dalai Lama in Bodhgaya in the millenium changeover Dec 1999 - Jan 2000. The group I travelled with also visited the sites made sacred by the Buddha. So, of course, I also engaged with them in practices appropriate to this.

    As a newcomer, I was really surprised to find the act of circling the Stupa at Sarnath was profoundly satisfying. Thereafter, I took every opportunity to circumnavigate holy objects, especially huge prayer wheels.

    I remember at Sarnath, feeling drawn to the centre of the Stupa as I walked the circumference.

    Maybe this has some symbolic significance - centering - in a spiritual context. And also circling the perimeter and feeling drawn to the centre.
        ~ From a comment I placed here in TO

    search for Wheaten to see my other uploads


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    Dharma Publishing | 1994 | 481 Pages |

    An illustrated guide to the eight holy places of the Buddha - Lumbini, Bodh Gaya, Sarnath, Kushinagara, Shravasti, Samkashya, and Vaishali - and the six Dharma regions of the Sotuh Asian subcobntinent.

    From Preface:

    "After I came to India as a refugee in 1959, I resolved to visit the great pilgrimage sites of the Buddha's homeland. The Enlightened One himself indicated that practice at these holy places had special power to deepen faith in the Dharma and benefit all beings, and it was clear that in those troubled times special help was needed. In 1961 I made my first pilgrimage. Since then I have returned to the major sites several times..."

    "Viewed with the mind of a tourist, the holy places of the Buddha can be interesting, even fascinating, but for the serious student, their significance operates at a deeper level. For those who cultivate an attitude of respect and appreciation, pilgrimage can be a powerful and richly rewarding practice. The more the traveler knows about the places being visited, the more he or she will be able to open the heart to the Three Jewels. If this volume helps to foster such appreciation, it will have fulfilled its purpose.

    Bodh Gaya

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    Year: 2004
    Country: Russia
    Genre: Video Training
    Duration: 1:15:07

    Description: Tui show - a practical art that combines martial arts techniques external and the internal laws of the Taoist alchemy, science ot ransformation.
    "Tui" - push, "show" - a hand, Tui Shou - exercises in pairs to practice skills to create and manage an internal effort, skills, interaction with a partner.
    It is believed that the Tui Shou helps to understand and improve the practice of Tai Chi Chuan, as it effectively develops sensitivity to the internal state of the body (the art of listening), and teaches the ability of the body to maintain the integrity of the commission of any movement. With Tui Shou we learn in any situation to control their emotions, energy circulation, balance and structure of the body, and these skills are manifested in the practice of Tai Chi Chuan.
    As a complete alchemical system Tui Shou studied to understand the cultivation and use of energy. From this position, the practice can be performed in pairs or individually, and is a kind of internal martial arts.
    In the film, which is the first in a series of educational videos on Tui Shou, covered principles of the body and described the main forces used in practice. All exercises to develop concentration and technology Tui Shou to work without a partner are provided with explanations and video illustrations. MsSVig

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    2011 | 160 Pages |

    Drawing on ancient and modern sources, Watts treats the Chinese philosophy of Tao in much the same way as he did Zen Buddhism in his classic The Way of Zen. Critics agree that this last work stands as a perfect monument to the life and literature of Alan Watts.

    "A gem to remember Watts by . . . There is a flamboyant and fascinating display of learning and complex indications of a personality that seems to have resisted inner pacification." — Kirkus Reviews

    "Perhaps the foremost interpreter of Eastern disciplines for the contemporary West, Alan Watts had the rare gift of 'writing beautifully the unwritable' . . . Watts begins with scholarship and intellect and proceeds with art and eloquence to the frontiers of the spirit . . . This is a profound and worthy work, left by a teacher to echo and re-echo." — Los Angeles Times

    "A remarkable book because of Alan Watts's talent for communicating Eastern ways of thought . . . not only the last of his works, but the best . . . This book is a 'must.'" — Shambhala Review

    "Watts's last book is in the category of his finest work, a lucid discussion of Taoism and the Chinese language . . . profound, reflective, and enlightening. Moreover, the text supplies a sense of his ebullient spirit behind the revelation of Tao." — Boston Globe MsSVig

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    (To see other audiocasts in this series, click here)

    Living Thelema (audiocast)
    by David Shoemaker

    Living Thelema is a popular segment on the Speech in the Silence audiocast.  The author's intention is to focus on practical Thelemic magickal instruction that is useful on a day-to-day level as we pursue our magickal paths.  Each episode focuses on a specific practice or theme.  Living Thelema aims to present a variety of material related to the practice of Thelemic magick and mysticism.

    Dr. David Shoemaker works as a clinical psychologist, and has been a member of O.T.O., and a student of A.'.A.'. since 1993.  He has over 15 years experience supervising students in several magickal orders.

    The theme of this Living Thelema segment #34 is: Creating Effective Magical Invocations

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    2004 | 208 pages |

    Simple ways to a fuller and more vibrant existence, drawn from the Taoist tradition and shaped to fit our modern lives.
    Relax, You’re Already Home explores how we can enrich our lives in modern America by incorporating simple habits discovered in the Taoist tradition. We don't have to dramatically reshape our lives or perform time-consuming rituals like meditation, kung fu, or breathing practices. Dr. Raymond Barnett instead shows how we can focus on basic daily Taoist habits through activities like going to the park, gardening, or enjoying a cup of tea. He even helps us create our own rituals around holidays, saints, historical figures or events, or anything else that resonates with us.
    This warm and accessible book is ideal for anyone whose life seems too fast and complicated, as well as for those who are interested in Eastern religions but don’t have the time or inclination to take up esoteric practices.
    Complete with “interactives” that suggest exercises and probing questions, Relax, You're Already Home is a perfect primer for Taoism and a philosophy in its own right. MsSVig

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    The volume contain 3 books:
    Book 1 - A history of Golden Dawn
    Book 2 - Z5
           Outer order rituals of the Whare Ra Temple
            A commentary on the Outer Order Rituals
    Book 3 - Z4  
            Inner Order Rituals  of the Whare Ra Temple
            A commentary on Inner Order Rituals

    Pat Zalewski write about Z5 book:
    "The Z.5 document was originally intended to be restricted to members of the Inner Order of Thoth-Hermes [i.e. the Temple that Pat himself started together with his wife Chris in New Zeeland, after meeting Jack Taylor and the ex Whare Ra Adepts]. It included many of the "word of mouth" teachings passed on by [Jack] Taylor and other Inner Order Adepti from Whare Ra under whom we trained."

    This book give a commentary on each ritual up to 5=6 level
    All ritual diagram are included and explanation are given separately for each diagram
    Godform drawings are included, along with coloring instruction
    and so much more.

    The torrent include a mp3 file with Pat Zalewski commentary on Golden Down talismans. MsSVig

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    Year: 2007
    Genre: Magical Passes shamans of ancient Mexico
    Duration: 58:57

    The art of dreaming - this is one of the major Native American traditions that build the relationship between the interaction of Indians and other worlds. This art allows you to erase the line between sleep and waking, between life and death. For centuries, the ancient magicians to learn and improve their skills dreams. With the passage of time they have been opened three main forces that controlled sleep. These forces are not allowed to simply erase the edge of reality, but also to give more opportunities for internal improvement. Axis, and the energy center - three basic qualities related to these forces. On this tape provides a set of axes dreams, entitled "SNAKES AXIS". The development of the axis of the dream determined by the ability to capture and communicate power generated. Rituals and dances, and such techniques were aimed at strengthening it. The axis of the dream is linked with thirteen levels of energy structure not only rights, but also the surrounding area. All movement in the fastening axis based on an engagement with each of the levels, depending on the stage of development, and also has a different depth, which is determined in accordance with the five-energy densities.

    Искусство сновидения – эта одна из основных индейских традиций, которая выстраивала связь между взаимодействием индейцев и другими мирами. Это искусство позволяло стирать грань между сном и бодрствованием, между жизнью и смертью. Столетиями древние маги изучали и совершенствовали свои навыки сновидения. С течением времени ими были вскрыты три основные силы, которые управляли сном. Эти силы не просто позволяли стирать грани реальности, но и давали еще большие возможности для внутреннего совершенствования.
    Ось, энергия и центр – три основных качества, сопутствующих этим силам. На данной кассете представлен комплекс развития оси сновидения, под названием «ОСЬ ЗМЕИ». Развитие оси сновидения определяется умением фиксировать и связывать выработанную энергию. Ритуалы и танцы и были такими техниками, направленными на ее усиление.
    Ось сновидения увязана с тринадцатью уровнями энергетической структуры не только человека, но и окружающего его пространства. Все движения на закрепление оси основываются на качестве зацепления, причем каждый из этих уровней, в зависимости от стадии развития, имеет также и различную глубину, которая определяется в соответствие с пятью плотностями энергии.

    Quality: DVDRip
    Format: AVI
    Video: 480 x 270 25 frames per second FFmpeg MPEG-4 Bitrate 1504 kb / s
    Video codec: Another MPEG4

    (translated from MsSVig

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    Introduction to Elements of Kathara Level - 4:- Featuring: the Eiradon Awakening, the Voyager "Trinity Time Wave" 'Ra-Sha-LA' Restoration, the 'Ah-Seu-Ra-Shan' State and the Hon'a-tiL-E-a Run. Recorded live in Phoenix, March 2005. This workshop contains the beginnings of the ΓÇ£Monadic TranslationsΓÇ¥, a complex series of translations that have to do with the structure of the Monad and its formation through the FIRST and SECOND Partiki (God SourceΓÇÖs DESIRE then INTENTION to create). These initial translations give an overview of the specific series of ΓÇÿcell divisionΓÇÖ processes that the first and second partiki undergo to form the Monad, which itself splits to form the RADON cells.

    The RADON cells interface directly between the etheric and atomic realities (non-manifest and manifest form) and have been progressively activated through the Nadradon (Mexico workshop - ROR), Zendradon (MM/UK workshop) and Kethradon (India workshop - IKA) awakenings. The activations in this workshop, including opening the Eiridon Mother Stream (the liquid light flow within the central vertical column), give us the necessary preparation for the Ethradon awakening and opening of the final ΓÇ£etheric-atomic doorwayΓÇ¥ which takes place during the Morocco Hetharo workshop. Opening these doorways allows us to strengthen our direct connection to Source and to access the frequencies that are ΓÇ£encryptedΓÇ¥ with God SourceΓÇÖs original ΓÇÿmathematical programΓÇÖ for Creation itself. The activations in this workshop also prepare us to be able to use ΓÇ£encryptionΓÇ¥ for manifestation. Our ability to use encryption is not only dependent on the final Ethradon Awakening, but also a properly functioning Chakra system. The ΓÇ£6-fold chakra activationΓÇ¥ helps reactivate and realign our currently distorted and truncated 2-fold configuration Chakra system for this purpose.

    This activation will in turn help reactivate the ReushaTA Spiral within our Central Vertical Column, an additional necessary step in returning the strength within our Pillar of Power and our abilities to use ΓÇ£encryptionΓÇ¥. Importantly also, this workshop introduces the first of the ΓÇ£projectionΓÇ¥ technologies, where we learn to project our consciousness in a safe and effective manner. Through the exercises, you will ΓÇÿre-birthΓÇÖ, meet and activate your very own personal ΓÇÿprojection vehicleΓÇÖ called the ΓÇ£Re-Sha-LA BodyΓÇ¥ for the first time in eons! Your Re-Sha-LA will be working with you from this point forward, to develop an Avatar-like mobility of consciousness.

    Finally, all the techniques in this workshop assist us in building the necessary frequencies within our Crystal Body structure to access the new ΓÇ£Trinity Time WaveΓÇ¥, allowing us to play our role in guiding this planet and all life-forms upon it, through a successful Starburst. The techniques in this workshop include: Return of the Ra-Sha-La and the 6-fold Ra-Sha-La chakra awakening in preparation for the Ethradon awakening in May 2005 Hetharo (Morocco workshop); The Rain of Rama Song (Voyager code preparation); Part 1: E-Cou-Sha manifesting and introduction to Encryption; Part 2: Consciousness states, time wave surfing the transcendental passages and introduction to the Voyagers Trinity Time-Wave codes; 6-fold Voyager code induction and Chakra induction; The Blue Lotus Code and voyage to the passage of Khemalohatea; The Khemalohatea Voyage and passage through the Khemalohatea Flame to the ADdonDrea; The Ad-Dondra Voyage and journey through the Adondrea Flame and 360-doorway.


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    Hidden Immortal Lineage Taiji Mother Form

    Taiji Qigong is an ancient way of physical and spiritual cultivation which enables us to access the Dao, the Great Way of Nature. This ancient art and science for health maintenance and healing originated several thousand years ago in China.

    This DVD focuses on the Mother Form of Taiji Qigong, passed directly from the Hidden Immortal Lineage. The eight movements are precisely choreographed to create a relaxed mind-body dance that stretches and strengthens the entire body. The slow, deliberate movements develop health, balance, and grace. Essentially, this form is a way to bring the practitioner into physical, mental, and spiritual awareness and connection with the microcosm (human being) and the macrocosm (universe).

    Companion book available

    Regular practice of Hidden Immortal Taiji Qigong – the Mother Form:

    • Awakens your consciousness and your potential life force

    • Develops your healing abilities and release your unwanted stress

    • Maintains a state of well-being and keep you in good shape

    Special Feature - the complete Hidden Immortal Lineage Taiji Form

    This 75 movement form has been hidden within small, select groups in China for over 1,000 years. After 20 years of teaching this Taiji form to private students, in this DVD, Master Wu demonstrates the form in its entirety. For the first time, this esoteric form is now available to the general public. Detailed information about the Hidden Immortal Lineage can be found in his book:“Seeking the Spirit of The Book of Change — 8 Days to Mastering a Shamanic Yijing Prediction System.” MsSVig

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    The Power of the Jaguar. INBI World

    Year: 2005
    Genre: Magical Passes shamans of ancient Mexico
    Duration: 48:24

    Описание: Практика сновидения, как техника, берет свое начало в четвертом веке до нашей эры. Основа ее формирования была заложена культурой Ольмеков, и была связана с их основным божеством – Ягуаром, который почитался как верховный управляющий делами Земли. Считалось, что для того чтобы выйти на связь с духом Ягуара, требуется определенное состояние тела и сознания. Причины, по которым индейцы стремились к установлению этой связи, были разными, от излечения болезней, до обретения дополнительных сил и знаний.
    Мы рассматриваем сновидение, как искусство овладения знанием, как искусство формирования энергетической структуры. Только с этой позиции можно подходить к этому понятию, все остальное – всего лишь частичный опыт, не более чем сон. Истинный сновидящий должен стать строителем своей энергетической структуры, и посредством практик пройти три этапа, совершить три прыжка. Первый прыжок опирается на развитие своей Оси («Ось Змеи»), второй опирается на развитие и накопление силы, и третий опирается на создание центра. На данной видеокассете Вашему вниманию предоставляется комплекс под названием «Сила Ягуара», связанный со вторым прыжком, с накоплением и развитием силы сновидения.

    Description: The practice of dreaming as a technique originated in the fourth century BC. The basis of its formation was laid Olmec culture, and has been linked to their main deity - the Jaguar, who was worshiped as the supreme managing director of the Earth. It was believed that in order to get in touch with the spirit of the Jaguar, it takes a certain state of mind and body. The reasons that the Indians sought to establish this connection, were different from the treatment of disease, to gain additional strength and knowledge.
    We regard the dream as the art of mastering the knowledge of how art form of the energy structure. Only from this perspective can approach this concept, everything else - only a partial experience, no more than a dream. A true dreamer should become a builder of its energy structure and practices to pass through three stages, to make three jumps. The first jump is based on the development of its axis ("Axis of Snakes"), the second is based on the development and accumulation of power, and the third is based on the creation of the center. On this videotape Your attention is given a complex called "The Power of the Jaguar", associated with the second jump, with the accumulation and development of power dreams.

    (was translated through

    Quality: DVDRip
    Format: AVI
    Video: 480 × 360 at 25 fps FFmpeg MPEG-4 1831 kb / s
    Audio: MPEG 1 Audio, Layer 3 (MP3) Stereo 48000 Hz 120 kb / s
    Video codec: Another MPEG4
    Audio: MP3 MsSVig

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    Although more than fifty years old, this book possesses the rare attribute of being as youthful and actual today as it was when first written. This is because INITIATIONS offers something to the sincere and earnest seeker, which is so hard to find in the enormous quantity of literature about human spiritual and occult endeavors, in the striving for the solution to the burning problems of inner life.

    It has been possible only because the author of INITIATIONS really lived through everything he describes in such a fascinating way. This urges the reader to attempt the Path for himself, which is by no means impossible, for that Path is utterly independent of any outer conditions, such as race, age, worldly position, family ties, and so on. It remains open to everyone who has the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

    The book explains in the simplest way, but one which reaches into the ultimate depths of the human soul, all the problems dealing with modern and ancient occult philosophy and spiritual searching, as well as social and political conundrums of this and probably also future periods.

    In the original French version of INITIATIONS, the fact, that in our own epoch, these exist Beings, who, while towering immensely over all of us, are, at the same time, accessible to every son of man who seeks his eternal inner Light, has always had a strong impact on readers.

    If P. Sedir's book has undoubtedly changed the live of very many men, other readers will be forever unable to forget it.

    That is why the Translator, himself a world-renowned writer, felt it was his duty and privilege to offer INITIATIONS to the English-speaking world, especially in this critical period in which we now live.

    Since 1926 the voice of Sédir has ceased to be heard. His was the voice of a
    precursor, the voice of an annunciator crying out in the wilderness of the crowds.
    Sédir consecrated his life to the diffusion of the Gospel. His thought, his teachings
    and his activity can be condensed into one word: Christ. Here we can only mention
    his public life, but those who have had the privilege of being among his intimate
    friends know that his life was dedicated to, in and for Christ. His mind had probed
    and encompassed all of human knowledge. There was not a domain within men's
    activity that he had not explored thoroughly: religion, arts, literature, history,
    agronomy, therapeutics, sociology, etc. He could discourse expertly upon any
    subject in full cognizance; but his humility was such that he never spoke except to
    answer queries or to prevent errors.
    And when he had solved distressing problems or rectified hazardous opinions, he
    never failed to show the provisional character of intellectual structures and to
    warn against adhering to rigid systems. He liked to say that life must first of all be
    lived, and that the greatest homage man can render to Truth is not to limit it to a
    formula but to live it.
    Yvon Le Loup (Sédir) was born on January 2, 1871 in Dinan, Brittany. However, he
    spent most of his life in Paris, where he passed away on February 3, 1926.
    Sédir made a profound study of the religions of the orient, and of the ensemble of
    speculations which constitute esotericism. Eminent occultists admired his mastery
    of these sciences. Between 1894 and 1900 he published a series of works, now out
    of print and difficult to find, where he expounded some of the results of his
    scholarly research. Meanwhile, from 1890 on he had collaborated with various
    magazines and periodicals, among which was L'Initiation (founded by Papus in
    1888) in order to bring to the public at large these venerable syntheses which are
    inaccessible to the layman. It was in the October 1891 issue of L'Initiation that the
    name of SEDIR appeared for the first time. It is then that, having reached the
    summit of knowledge and powers, he suddenly cut himself off from most of his
    fellow craftsmen, to consecrate himself solely to the Gospel. In his life, a decisive
    and solemn event took place, (in July 1897) which made him aware of the
    Nothingness and vanity of secret sciences and societies.
    While we are not at liberty to say anymore, we can quote an excerpt from a letter
    of his published in 1910 in the Echo du Merveilleux:
    "I have delved into many subjects since 1887, a time when these studies began to
    attract me passionately.... I never had much material means, but destiny
    compensated me by placing on my path the representatives of the highest esoteric
    traditions .... Rabbis have communicated their secret manuscripts to me;
    alchemists admitted me to their laboratories; Sufis, Buddhists and Taoists, many a
    night have taken me along to the abode of their gods. A Brahman permitted my
    copying his Mantramic tables and a Yogi gave me the secrets of contemplation. But
    one evening after meeting a certain person, all that these admirable men had
    taught me became as naught, as ethereal as the light vapor which rises at dusk
    from the overheated earth."
    Sédir had but one ambition –to lead to Christ those with whom he came in contact.
    In this book which we are presenting to the English-speaking public, he tells the
    story, we should say the drama, of the sublime meeting which decidedapostolic destiny. This story is presented in novel form, but Sédir certified topersonally, that every detail in this book is factual.
    In fact, during this skeptical, frivolous and scientific century, proud ofconquests and powers, it has been Heaven's plan that one of the true FriendsGod has lived among us, passing as a "Nobody" among the crowds, hidingdisconcerting, multitudinous powers "under the mantle of an average bourgeois
    life, dissimulating his virtues and superiorities as we dissimulate our vices."
    There is a Prince of this Earth –delegate of Lucifer; and there is also the Lordthis Earth –delegate of Christ. All the servants of Christ are such only by virtuetheir union with Christ. This union is more or less profound; but no matter how
    profound, the individuality of the servant, his "I" remains all distinct from the "I"Christ. There never is any identity between Him and the servant, but only
    resemblance, concordance, and harmony. The identity as taught by the Orientals
    between Atma and Parabrahm, is but a metaphysical illusion.
    Hence, the Lord of the Earth is the one among the servants, soldiers or friendsChrist who possesses the qualities and the right quantity of Lights most suitedlink our terrestrial life to the Word directly. He receives the orders of Christ,
    executes them, then transmits the hopeful aspirations of the earth's inhabitantsHim. He is not Christ. He only represents Christ. No being will ever receive the
    Word totally. He is all that the Earth is capable of perceiving and of receiving from
    Christ. Earthly creatures mistake him for Christ. They are not wrong because heChrist, I repeat, within the measure where the total Christ can show Himselfour planet without dazzling it nor reducing it to ashes.
    his us, its of his of of of of to to is on
    In this book, Theophane represents an inner part of Andréas –the pure Light of the
    eternal soul; Andréas being the immortal spirit. The Doctor represents the
    conscious, reasoning mind, and Stella is the intuition. objectively these figures or
    persons represent levels and functions in the Army of Light.
    Just as the great poet, Théophile Briant, a friend of Sédir and one of the few who
    understood him thoroughly, wrote:
    "Even in the crux of the deepest sorrows one must never despair. The promise of
    our Saviour is formal. God is and always will be among us until the end of the
    world. But one must not seek Him either on stages, in palaces, nor in the places
    where the trumpets of renown or fame are blasting. He is the "Unknown," the
    "Nobody" of Sédir, lost anonymously in the crowd. He shuns the "curiosity of the
    "Let us love our brothers as ourselves and we shall find Him. He may be working
    alongside of us, in one of those phalansteries or crushing-mills of human
    personalities. He may be that man at the subway entrance who lets himself be
    pushed aside by an impatient commuter. He may be that passerby who leans over
    the parapets of the Seine, or the one who walks along the dams.
    "He is Humble and has only meager means, perforce, because he does not care to
    amass wealth beyond that which the invisible Archangel who walks by his side
    awards him each day. He lives among us. He watches us and awaits us. He carries,
    just like Tarcisius, the Eucharist of his Heart among men; he is the depository of
    the tongues of Fire. Under his nondescript clothing he hides the splendour of Mt.
    Tabor and perhaps the salvation of the World."

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    Über tausend Jahre bestanden in der Antike Geheimkulte mit individuellen Einweihungsriten, die ihren Anhängern 'Seligkeit' auch nach dem Tod verhießen. Fünf dieser Kulte - die Eleusinischen Mysterien, der Kult des Dionysos, der 'Großen Mutter', der Isis und des Mithras - werden hier vorgestellt: mit ihrer lebenspraktischen Funktion, ihrer Organisation, ihrer Lehre und ihrem Geheimritual.

    Existed over a thousand years in ancient secret cults with individual initiation rites, which promised their followers 'bliss' after death. Five of these cults - the Eleusinian mysteries, the cult of Dionysus, the 'Great Mother' of Isis and Mithras - are presented here with their everyday practical function, its organization, doctrine and secret ritual. MsSVig

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    1997 | 416 Pages

    The Compass of Zen is a simple, exhaustive—and often hilarious—presentation of the essence of Zen by a modern Zen Master of considerable renown. In his many years of teaching throughout the world, the Korean-born Zen Master Seung Sahn has become known for his ability to cut to the heart of Buddhist teaching in a way that is strikingly clear language. In this book, based largely on his talks, he presents the basic teachings of Buddhism and Zen in a way that is wonderfully accessible for beginners—yet so rich with stories, insights, and personal experiences that long-time meditation students will also find it a source of inspiration and a resource for study. MsSVig

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    TheOccult.Bz Exclusive. No Waiting Times. Keep It Here

    Parallel texts in Chinese (traditional), Pinyin and English.

    The complete collection of scriptures for the Morning & Evening Rites of the Orthodox Oneness Sect is now available for the first time in the English Language. The scriptures are a standard collection of prayers and invocations used by the Priests and Priestesses of the Mighty Commonwealth of Orthodox Oneness (Zheng Yi Pai) for daily recitation in the morning and evening.

    In addition to serving as a tool for daily worship and ritual, the prayers include valuable insight into the values and morals for living in harmony with the Dao. The collection contains 34 prayers including: The Divine Incantations for Purifying the Spirit; The Divine Incantation of the Golden Rays; The Precious Declarations of the Jade Clarity, The Universal Declaration of the Thunderbolts; The Incantation of the Soil Agency; The Pious Conversion Ritual; and The Incantation of the Earth Spirits.

    Translated by DaoShi Christina J Barea & Feifei Fan

    Please join time-sensitive GB for two Daoist books from Three Pines Press: MsSVig

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    Acarya Dharmavedananda a long time monk of Ananda Marga guides us through a very relaxing process of visualization combined with an introduction to the Siddha Mantra "Baba Nam Kevalam".

    Enjoy! MsSVig

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    The Quickening
    By Stuart Wilde

    Hay House. 160 pages. $10.95.
    ISBN 1-56170-165-3

    The Quickening is the fourth in a series of books on self-empowerment by Stuart Wilde. The Quickening discusses the power of the ancient warrior sages, and it teaches the reader etheric (life force) and psychological techniques for consolidating his or her energy for that final push for the peak within the self.

    “The world of the common man is about to unravel, like never before. I seek the attention of those that are strong and getting stronger. It is only through the power of these ‘individuals’ that the spirituality of the world will survive the hurricanes of change. There is little time.” —Stuart Wilde


    1. Hurtling Past Hocus-Pocus.................................1
    2. Group Souls, Animal Man.................................9
    3. Turbo-Thought..................................................17
    4. Reality, Cataclysms, Spoon-Fed Societies..... 23
    5. The Eternal Stance of the Warrior-Sage..........29
    6. Invisibility.......................................................... 35
    7. Bending Time, Watching Everything,
      Missing Nothing................................................45
    8. The Etheric Non-World ...................................53
    9. Etheric Maneuvers........................................... 67
    10. Obliterating Tick-Tock.....................................77
    11. Spiritual Concepts You'll
        Probably Never Need....................................... 91
    12. Accelerating the Quickening ........................ 101
    13. Exercises in Turbo-Thought.......................... 119
    14. Occult Brotherhoods and the
       Cunning of the Mongols.................................129
       Tree Exercise ..................................................147
       About the Author..... ..................................... 149

    Exclusive for theoccult.
    This is my fist scan so please excuse the imperfections
    Also if you want the original jpgs let me know.
    Enjoy:-) MsSVig

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    Book Description
    Publication Date: November 1995
    80 pages, Element Books Ltd

    To stay sane in the face of the information overload in our chaotic modern world, Osho believes we must meditate every day. These extracts from his writings cover the whys, whats and wherefores of meditation. Osho urges, cajoles and encourages the reader to step out on the path to peace and fulfilment, and gives advice on how to stay on it.

    Osho, known for his revolutionary contribution to the science of inner transformation, continues to inspire millions of people worldwide in their search to define a new approach to individual spirituality that is self-directed and responsive to the everyday challenges of contemporary life. The Sunday Times of London named him one of the '1,000 Makers of the Twentieth Century,' and novelist Tom Robbins called him 'the most dangerous man since Jesus Christ.' For more information about Osho and his work, please visit

    Osho's teachings defy categorization, covering everything from the individual quest for meaning to the most urgent social and political issues facing individuals and society today.

    His unique "Osho Active Meditations" are designed to first release the accumulated stresses of body and mind, so that it is easier to experience the thought-free and relaxed state of meditation. (Meditation -The First and Last Freedom, by Osho)

    About his own work Osho has said that he is helping to create the conditions for the birth of a new kind of human being. He has often characterized this new human being as "Zorba the Buddha" -- capable both of enjoying the earthy pleasures of a Zorba the Greek and the silent serenity of a Gautam Buddha.

    Running like a thread through all aspects of Osho's work is a vision that encompasses both the timeless wisdom of the East and the highest potential of Western science and technology.

    Osho has been described by the Sunday Times in London as one of the "1000 Makers of the 20th Century" and by American author Tom Robbins as "the most dangerous man since Jesus Christ."

    Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect Mystic, ST. MARTIN'S Press, New York, available in multiple languages.

    Websites for more information:


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    Farnsworth, Edward - The Deeper Mysteries (1921)

    The author investigates the deep and hidden mysteries of many religions, mysteries, sciences, and philosophies: hi-quality scan of an original printing

    THE FORTY-NINE FIRES ....                11
    SATAN .... 15
    MEMORY ..... 27
    POLARITY .....                50
    THRONES . . . . 55
    BAPTISM . . . 71
    MATERIAL RICHES . . . 74
    THE EARTH CHAIN ... 79
    RESURRECTION . . . 82
    THE NEW BIRTH . . . 87
    THE RAISING OF THE DEAD ....                101
    THE AVATAR .....                107
    THE NEW AGE .... 107
    THE EGOLESS BEING .... 122
    SPIRIT GUIDES .... 125
    PSYCHIC VISION .... 128
    THE EIGHTH SPHERE .... 132
    HEART CENTERS .... 135
    THE GREAT BREATH .... 138
    ARMAGEDDON .....                145
    TНЕ DAYS OF THE LORD .... 150
    JUDAS ..... 153
    AVITCHI ...... 180
    LEVITATION ....                                                183
    ISHVARA ...... 186
    IN CONCLUSION .... 189 MsSVig

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    Sky Dragon - The Wisdom Cycle or Quest for Wisdom

    The author sets out some practical steps to follow when setting out to gain personal wisdom. It is not based on any particular tradition, and may be helpful when you feel "stuck".

    The author has shared many of her writings, usually poems, online and elsewhere, without charge. She believes what was freely received, without effort, is a gift of grace.

    search for Wheaten to see my other uploads

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