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    At a time when America is focused on providing economical and effective health care for all its citizens, Chinese herbal medicine should not be ignored. This book is not only about healing with Chinese herbs, but also about the practice of a prominent herbalist being impacted by war and technology during an eventful period of the twentieth century. Apart from its medical value regarding prevention and cure, this book will greatly enhance our knowledge about peoples and cultures. MsSVig

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    State University of New York Press, 1998

    Using a wide variety of original sources, this book brings to light how and why asceticism was carried out by Taoists during the first six centuries of the common era. It examines the practice of fasting, celibacy, self-imposed poverty, wilderness seclusion and sleep-avoidance, and it discusses the beliefs and attitudes that motivated and justified such drastic actions.

    Asceticism in Early Taoist Religion demonstrates that although Taoist ascetics pursued austerities that were extremely rigorous, they did not seek to mortify the flesh. Through their austerities, they almost always sought to improve their physical strength and health, because they aspired toward physical longevity as well as spiritual perfection. Even though they sometimes taxed their bodies severely, they believed that their strength and health would eventually be restored if they persevered. The highest goal was to ascend to divine realms in an immortal body.

    However, certain beliefs that emerged during this period--particularly those influenced by Buddhism--may have caused some Taoist ascetics to virtually abandon their concern with longevity, and to focus disproportionately upon the perfection of the spirit. Such ascetics were more likely to purposely harm and neglect their bodies, contradictory as this may have been to the cherished ideals of the Taoist religion. Eskildsen traces how this problem may have emerged, and how it was viewed and dealt with by those who maintained the ideal of longevity.


    Acknowledgments vii
    1. Introduction 1
    2. The Lives of Taoist Ascetics (1)—Depictions in the Liexian zhuan and Shenxian zhuan 15
    3. The Lives of Taoist Ascetics (2)—Depictions in the Daoxue zhuan 31
    4. Taoist Methods of Fasting 43
    The Fasting Regimen of the Zhonghuang jing 44
    The Fasting Regimens of the Daoji tuna jing and Tuna jing 51
    Imbibing the Five Qi 53
    Imbibing the Essences of the Sun and Moon 56
    Talisman Swallowing 58
    Sucking on a Seed 59
    Drug Recipes 60
    Final Comments 67
    5. Asceticism in the Shangqing Texts 69
    The Buddhist Influence 72
    NonBuddhistic Reasons for Celibacy 75
    Gaining Divine Sympathy 79
    Evils in the Worldly Environment 84
    The Place of Asceticism in the Hierarchy of Spiritual Progress 90
    The Glorification of Suicidal Methods 92
    6. Asceticism in the Lingbao scriptures 95
    The New Saintly Ideal 96
    Precepts and Retreats 105
    A Soteriological Puzzle 121
    7. Criticisms of Heretical Asceticism in the Yuqing jing 129
    8. Conclusion 153
    Appendix: Summary Information on the Lingbao scriptures Cited in Chapter
    Six 161
    Notes 167
    Bibliography 203
    Index 215 MsSVig

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    1932, republished in 1972. Contents:

    1. The Pathway to Mastery

    2. Jesus Christ the Great Master

    3. The Master Mind

    4. The Master Faith

    5. The Key to Mastership.

    A person's ideal of possible attainment is the real basis of his faith and effort. Whether it is true or false, the ideal of possible attainment of all that man needs of Life, Wisdom, Joy and Health, is far above all other conceptions of life presented to the world by any other previous teacher.

    Phoebe Marie Holmes was New Thought activist and expert on dietectics and rhythmic breathing. She travelled the world lecturing about Radiant Health Clubs. She advocated an Eliminating Diet which in a later form was to become an essential part of Radiant Living. MsSVig

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    An Introduction to Chaos Magick
    by Adrian Savage
    ISBN 978-0939708130
    Publisher: Magickal Childe 1989

    The author discusses the evolution of magical thought as man's response in an attempt to tame natural chaos.  He then argues that chaos magic evolved out of an understanding that chaos is simply a higher type of order, and it is more natural to work within the system of apparent disorder than to try to impose our imperfect idea of order upon nature.  He also compares and contrasts different magical systems. MsSVig

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    Shonishin: Japanese Pediatric Acupuncture addresses the emerging interest in safe, specialized, non-insertion acupuncture treatment options for infants and children. The only English language book available on the topic, it focuses on the most important feature in the treatment of children: patient-comfort. The author gives hands-on advice that can be easily integrated into clinical practice. The text begins with an overview of the underlying principles of Shonishin and the special tools and needles used to gently press, tap, scratch, rub, and stroke the childs skin without penetrating it. The expert author then outlines root and symptomatic approaches and techniques, followed by detailed information on how to manage a wide range of specific problems and diseases. Shonishin is an excellent treatment option for common respiratory and digestive ailments.

    ■ 48 cases from around the world cover which tools and methods work best for different patients, showing a range of treatment ideas, methods, and results available with the techniques described in the book
    ■ 140 illustrations, photos, and diagrams complement the text throughout
    ■ Numerous tips on how to pacify scared children and aggravated parents This unique, user-friendly guide is a must-have for all acupuncturists, students and teachers of acupuncture as well as pediatricians who also use acupuncture -- regardless of style of practice. The basic treatment has the added advantage of being easily taught to parents so that they can use it regularly at home, thus increasing frequency of treatment and allowing parents to participate actively in the treatment of their children.

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    Martin Hayes - Aleister Crowley: Wandering the Waste

    The life and times of Britain’s most infamous son. Occultist, genius, poet, prophet,  mountaineer, drug and free-love pioneer, spy, scholar, and all-round bad egg. Summoner of demons and loser of friends. A prophet who wanted to save mankind but ended his days known as “The Wickedest Man in the World.”

    ". . . deftly weaves together the spiritual and the mundane, truth and rumour, into what is ultimately a human story about one of the most ambitious people ever to live . . . a work to savour and return to." From the foreword by Richard Kaczynski Author of "Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister Crowley" Know then the life and times of England's most infamous son. Occultist, artist, poet, prophet, record-setting mountaineer, drug and free-love pioneer, spy, scholar, and legendary bad-egg. Summoner of demons and loser of friends. An explorer of many realms who conversed with gods and angels but ended his days labelled "The Wickedest Man in the World." Aleister Crowley. A foolish genius. A much maligned history. A wanderer of the waste." MsSVig

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    Action and Reaction (English) (PDF + MOBI) = Ação e Reação (Portuguese) (PDF) = Acción y Reacción (Spanish) (PDF) = Action et Reaction (French) (PDF + MOBI)
    268 pages
    Publisher: Edicei of America, LLC. (August 12, 2011)
    ISBN-10: 8579450381

    In this volume you will find a description of the lower regions of the spirit realm and the suffering to which the guilty conscience is subject after the death of the physical body.

    Andre Luiz presents studies of real-life cases and offers guidance regarding paying one's spiritual debts, the law of cause and effect, preparations for reincarnation, collective expiations, and the value of prayer.

    The spirit author shows us that the possibilities of our current existence are connected to our actions in past existences, just as our actions of today will condition our possibilities in the future. MsSVig

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    Erik J. Pepin - Genesis: A love story


    In this class, Eric will break down the origin of God,
    how it came into existence in this dimension and your
    role - the role of a Navigator... That is just the tip of
    the mountain that will be unveiled in this dreamscape..

    You will learn:

    How God's consciousness merged into this
    physical dimension for the first time and
    encountered the Darkside... God's opposing
    reaction to its existence.
    How the first souls in the Universe were
    created, the Navigators...
    How God's conscousness evolved over
    millenia, continues to learn and grow and your
    role in the Universe.
    A direct line to the "feels like" of God's
    consciousness. God's vibrational signature,
    so that you can communicate with it directly.
    And so much more..
    Part 1 (pre-dreamscape) & Part 2 (Genesis: A
    love story, by EJP)


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    estudo da filosofia hermética do antigo Egito e da Grécia

    Tradução de



    Temos grande prazer em apresentar aos estudantes e investigadores da Doutrina Secreta esta pequena obra baseada nos Preceitos herméticos do mundo antigo. Existem poucos escritos sobre este assunto apesar das inúmeras referências feitas pelos ocultistas aos Preceitos que expomos, de modo que por isso esperamos que os investigadores dos Arcanos da Verdade saberão dar bom acolhimento ao livro que agora aparece.
    O fim desta obra não é a enunciação de uma filosofia ou doutrina especial, mas sim fornecer aos estudantes uma exposição da Verdade que servirá para reconciliar os fragmentos do conhecimento oculto que adquiriram, mas que são aparentemente opostos uns aos outros e que só servem para desanimar é desgostar o principiante neste estudo. O nosso intento não é construir um novo Templo de Conhecimento, mas sim colocar nas mãos do estudante uma Chave-Mestra com que possa abrir todas as portas internas que conduzem ao Templo do Mistério cujos portais já entrou.


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    Chinese Self Healing Practices
    Juracy Cançado, physical therapist,
    is known as the introducer of Do In in Brazil.
    Responsible for the dissemination of this ancient Chinese healing technique,
    with books published in Brazil and abroad,
    and the formation of numerous professionals.

    This video facilitates to the viewer the exercises and maneuvers from Chinese practices of self healing.

    Intended to encourage those who attend:
    do it yourself.
    A video for constant use.

    Práticas Chinesas de Auto Cura
    Juracy Cançado, terapeuta corporal,
    é conhecido como o introdutor do Do In no Brasil.
    Responsável pela divulgação desta milenar técnica terapêutica chinesa,
    com livros publicados no Brasil e no exterior,
    e pela formação de inúmeros profissionais.

    Este vídeo facilita ao espectador a realização de exercícios e manobras que
    compõem as práticas chinesas de auto cura.

    Tem a intenção de estimular a quem assista:
    faça você mesmo.
    Um vídeo para uso constante. MsSVig

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    A Sociedade Secreta constitui um fenômeno universal. Presente desde a Antigüidade,
    manifestando-se em todos os domínios da vida, quer seja a esfera política, a esfera econômica, a esfera militar, científica, religiosa, artística, notadamente literária, ou nesta que nos concerne a esfera da Tradição e do Ocultismo.
    No domínio político, por exemplo, muitos dos movimentos políticos internacionais são nascidos nas ante-salas onde alguns obscuros desconhecidos se reúnem para mudar o Mundo. No domínio artístico, certos Círculos surrealistas funcionaram como Sociedades Secretas. MsSVig

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    ** This is a TheOccult.Bz exclusive. Sharing elsewhere will ban you

    Speaker Bio

    John Latourrette is  author of the self-published martial art instructional book "Speed Hitting: How to Hit a Man in 10 seconds or less" He later went onto create the "Remote Influence"
    course for Nightingale-Conant. When not teaching martial arts, he specializes in teaching a hybrid of Kahuna, Energy Medicine, Field Therapy, EFT, Silva Mind Control and NLP.

    Course Promotional Material

    "(SEMINAR) Watch From Your Computer? The LIVE Advanced Mind Power + Psychic Power Mind Autogenics is Happening NOW!"

    Course Details

    This is website rip of video with the PDF handouts. It is an edited video streaming of a live seminar, even though the advertisement implies live streaming. Typical Latourrette seminar scenario. Students are called up front to summarize or explain what Larourette has just done teaching (in between the swearing and name calling)

    Topics include:

    * Learn to control over your natural genius state discovered in 1912
    * Six powers of the mind and how to use them
    * Use your mind to multiply your intention $1,000 times
    * Copy mind processes of known geniuses who know how to block sabotage mastery
    of their energy fields MsSVig

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    A Chinese professor of medicine reveals how you can prepare ordinary foods to relieve and cure hundreds of ailments; fresh cherries for laryngitis, celery juice and honey to lower cholesterol, beef kidney to improve male potency, and much more.

    "A fascinating book."--Holos Institute of Health.

    0 0 Exclusive:- Sharing Outside TheOccult Site Will Result In Your Account Getting Banned

    Melons, fruits and vegetables can be used for prevention and treatment of various diseases. The recipes, both ancient and modern, contained in this book have been proved to be effective for treating more than 100 diseases in the medical, surgical, gynecological, pediatric, dermatological and ENT spheres. This book is a handy reference guide to help medical workers with family health care and treatment of patients as well as for medical research.

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    Note of Debro:
    I am very interested in Energy Mobilization. I would like to get more courses about this field of knowledge.

    192 kbps
    60 min

    Google Translate

    Introducing the collection "Higher Powers of Mind", the renowned researcher André Malby:

      Energy Mobilization
       Cures for Distance

    These audios André Malby were digitized from the original tapes published decades ago and are recorded in the voice of the same author.

    The audio of "Higher Powers of Mind" by Andre Malby, accompanied by induction subconscious recorded below the minimum level of hearing, as background to the story in the foreground of the content of each work.

    The content of these statements induction implanted in your subconscious the moral foundations vital minimum, without which it would be unprofitable to approach the extraordinary potential of the human mind.

    The instructions for use are indicated by the same author the beginning of the first audio.

    Inductions contained in these audios (printed on the original cover of the tape):

       Energy flows in me.
       I am light and life
       The light runs in my blood
       My body is purified by the light
       All my pains disappear
       My memory and my mind work ideally
       I am a source of happiness, peace and love
       Every breath energizes me
       My whole being is harmony
       The life force filled me and cleanse my body of all evil
       I am glowing with health
       Energy flows in me and life
       I love
       I light all around me
       I am a source of life and energy
       I am strength and vitality
       The tiredness disappears
       The universe loves me

    About André Malby:
    Born in Algeria in 1943. Researcher of alchemy, the Kabbalah and esoteric schools, André Malby is not, of course, an ordinary man. It was a special, unclassifiable, and according to some, even unbearable at times, brutally honest. He studied philosophy and conducted research on the interactions between humans and plants. He earned his doctorate in Herbology. He was the founder of the College of Physicians Naturists in Spain, known internationally for its therapeutic capacity. He was a member of the Institut Métapsychique International, the oldest public institution that studies the higher faculties of the human brain. Herbalist Doctor, researcher of alchemy, the Kabbalah and esoteric schools.
    Herbalist, homeopath, healer, alchemist, pianist, painter, sculptor intelligence expert supranational research and control centers of the planet; observer and thinker, critic, provocative, violent, energetic and at the same time, peacemaker and unifying, it was a modern witch.

    Spanish Description

    Presentamos la colección “Facultades Superiores de la Mente“, del reconocido investigador André Malby:

       Movilización de Energías
       Curaciones a Distancia

    Estos audios de André Malby fueron digitalizados de las cintas originales publicadas hace décadas y están grabados en la voz del mismo autor.

    Los audios de “Facultades Superiores de la Mente“, de André Malby, van acompañados de inducciones subconscientes, grabadas por debajo del nivel mínimo de audición, como fondo al relato en primer plano del contenido de cada obra.

    El contenido de estas frases de inducción implantará en su subconsciente los fundamentos mínimos de una moral vital, sin los cuales sería poco provechoso acercarse a las extraordinarias posibilidades de la mente humana.

    Las instrucciones de uso están indicadas por el mismo autor el comienzo del primer audio.

    Inducciones contenidas en estos audios (impresas en la portada original de la cinta):

       La energía fluye en mí.
       Soy luz y vida
       La luz corre con mi sangre
       Mi cuerpo está purificado por la luz
       Todos mis dolores desaparecen
       Mi memoria y mi mente funcionan idealmente
       Soy una fuente de felicidad, paz y amor
       Cada inspiración me llena de energía
       Todo mi ser es armonía
       La fuerza vital me llena y limpia mi organismo de todo mal
       Yo soy radiante de salud
       En mí fluye la energía y la vida
       Soy amor
       Ilumino todo lo que me rodea
       Soy una fuente de vida y energía
       Yo soy fuerza y vitalidad
       El cansancio desaparece
       El universo me ama

    Sobre André Malby:
    Nació en Argelia, en 1943. Investigador de la alquimia, la kábala y las escuelas esotéricas, André Malby no es, desde luego, un hombre corriente. Fue un ser especial, inclasificable, y según algunos, incluso insoportable a veces, brutalmente sincero. Estudió filosofía y realizó trabajos de investigación sobre las interacciones entre el ser humano y los vegetales. Obtuvo el doctorado en Herbología. Fue el fundador del Colegio de Médicos Naturistas de España, conocido internacionalmente por su capacidad terapéutica. Fue miembro del Institut metapsychique International, la más antigua institución oficial que estudia las facultades superiores del cerebro humano. Doctor en herbología, investigador de la alquimia, la kábala y las escuelas esotéricas.
    Herbólogo, homeópata, sanador, alquimista, pianista, pintor, escultor; experto en servicios de inteligencia supranacionales y en la investigación de los centros de control del planeta; observador y pensador, crítico, provocador, violento, enérgico y, al mismo tiempo, pacificador y unificador; fue un brujo moderno. MsSVig

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    Here are FLAC rips of the 2 original sets of Waves from the Gateway Experience. They include:

    Wave V - Exploring (No longer available for sale)

    This album was later replaced with a new Wave V.

    This is the original album. Contains 6 music only journeys without verbal guidance. Very good journey for those who have learned the techniques and want to 'travel' without being disturbed by verbal guidance.

    # Mission 10
    # Mission 12
    # Mission Day
    # Mission Night
    # Horizons
    # Pathways

    Wave VI - Prospecting (No longer available for sale)

    This album was later replaced with Wave VII.

    This is the original album. Contains 6 music only journeys without verbal guidance. Very good journey for those who have learned the techniques and want to 'travel' without being disturbed by verbal guidance.

    # metamorphosite
    # Bio-Body
    # Null Point
    # Plus Polarity
    # Near Reaches
    # Far Reaches

    These two Waves were removed from the later set (A complete FLAC rip of this new set is also available here) and replaced with guide tracks as opposed to instrumentals.

    Hemi-sync Info (from their web site)

    While many of our audio products contribute to wellness, they are not intended to replace medical diagnosis and treatment. DO NOT listen to Hemi-Sync while driving or operating heavy equipment, or with other devices that may influence brain-wave activity. If you have a tendency towards seizures, auditory disorders, or adverse mental condition(s), DO NOT listen to Hemi-Sync without first consulting your physician. DO NOT reproduce Hemi-Sync products or use with Dolby« or other noise-reduction systems. Headphones suggested.

    Hemi-Sync is a trademark for a process developed at the Monroe Institute, used to create audio patterns containing binaural beats, which are commercialized in the form of audio CDs.

    Hemi-sync is a technology developed by Robert Monroe, founder of the Monroe Institute. Hemi-sync is short for Hemisphere Synchronization aka Brainwave synchronization. It is said to synchronize the two hemispheres of your brain, creating a healthy 'balance'. Hemi-sync can allegedly be used to reach altered states of consciousness through the use of sound.

    Out-of-body experience, Lucid Dreaming, and Astral Projection are some of the reported effects of listening to hemi-sync meditation CDs.

    Hemi-Sync« helps you safely alter your brainwaves with multi-layered patterns of sound frequencies". When you hear these through stereo headphones, your brain responds by producing a third sound (called a binaural beat) that is believed to encourage the desired brainwave activity.

    The purpose of the binaural beats is to synchronize the brain waves of both hemispheres of the brain so as to help achieve certain meditative states.

    An altered state of consciousness is any state which is significantly different from a normative waking beta wave state. The expression was coined by Charles Tart and describes induced changes in one's mental state, almost always temporary. A synonymous phrase is "altered states of awareness". An associated body of research has been conducted in trance and this is becoming the predominant auspice terminology. Trance includes all "altered states of consciousness" as well as the various forms of waking trance states. MsSVig

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    Self-empowerment is not simply the result of mental training, but a process of transforming ones attitude. An ancient two thousand year old technique has been stripped off of any religious belief and dogma to present you the most efficient and proven Self-Empowerment technique. Step by step, you will get results and feel its effetcs quickly as you master the tools presented in this ebook, and the more profound changes after a while of practice. You will feel energized, positive and confident and your doubts will give place to certainty and self-trust. Your body will recover and heal faster. Most of all, your attitude towards life will be powerful and unshakable. MsSVig

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    Materials for the book are collected within the project "Vlach bread ritual and pomane," which launched Paun Es Durlić, curator of the museum in Majdampek and only Serbian ethnologist, Vlah originating from eastern Serbia. In this picture the first time the general public shows one aspect of the spiritual culture of the Vlachs in eastern Serbia.

    "In this illustrated book, we sought to present to a broader public for the first time one aspect of the spiritual culture of the Vlachs of Eastern Serbia, which has survived over centuries in ritual breads and traditions. The most prominent among
    those is pomana, a ritual for which the Vlachs bake hundreds or even thousands of breads!"  (from the Introduction)

    Both English and Serbian versions are included. MsSVig

    0 0

    This is a smallest version of this book

    WITCHA presents many secrets of English Witchcraft in plain language, giving details of widdershins and deosil circle casting, spell-craft, divination, spiritism, sabbats and esbats, sacrifice, entheogens, philosophy, history, and more besides. The focus is primarily upon those aspects commonly called 'operative witchcraft'. MsSVig

    0 0

    This book is part of an outstanding collection, which includes: The Way, the Truth and the Life, Living Spring, and Vineyard of Light. The collection was written by the spirit Emmanuel, who seeks to guide Spiritists in the practice of Christian principles, leading them to find in the teachings of Jesus their inner transformation, which cannot be postponed. In the book's 180 chapters, the author brilliantly comments on several verses from the New Testament. From each page spring the depth of concept and the lightness of form in which they are outlined. The spirit author shows Spiritism duly based on the lessons of the New Testament as being an opportunity for work and growth for those who long for the renewal of their minds. Our Daily Bread is nourishment for the spirit, strengthening it for its daily struggles.


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